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Let's Get Social: Expanding Social Impact Through Technology

Iqbal Hariadi

                                                                       Let's Get Social Bogor

Techsoup Asia-Pacific collaborates with to create #LetsGetSocial, a casual meetup for nonprofits to learn about digital technology. In 2016, Let’s Get Social was held in four cities in Indonesia; Bandung, Bogor, Yogyakarta and Bali on August 25, October 27, November 15 and December 1, respectively.


Let’s Get Social is a series of event for nonprofit organizations designed to reach out and bring awareness to non-profit organizations discuss practical and success tips to do an online fundraising in Indonesia, such as on doing publicity and advertising on using social media such as Facebook. With a total number of 220 participants attended throughout the event and 120 NGOs registered in Techsoup Asia, the half-day training provides live demo and training on how online fundraising could help NGO to reach out participants through online donations.



                                                                  Let's Get Social Bandung

Participants also gained insightful tips to improve digital presence with a website and social media, online strategy and online fundraising from more than 2.000 case studies from Furthermore, we socialized software donation program from Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and many more for nonprofit organizations.


The last 1 December 2016, Let’s Get Social was held in Bali, in collaboration with Puspadi Bali, a nonprofit organization that focuses on disability rehabilitation, education, training, and empowerment organization, which is committed to working with people with a disability in Bali and Eastern Indonesia. Some of the participants come from disability community which showed their courage to learn about technology to applied it and help their community.


                                                                        Let's Get Social Bali

For the upcoming Let’s Get Social, will engage more non-profits organization by raising awareness on how to utilize digital technology today, explore new case studies, provide free e-book to guide them further and the most important to empower nonprofits to learn technology and help them to optimize their social impact. This event proves that every layer of a community has the opportunity to learn and grow by erasing the concept of digital divide and our platform was well received because of their courageous mission and enthusiasm.


                                                               Let's Get Social Yogyakarta