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The Office 365 Experience: The story of the YCAB Foundation

YCAB Foundation
"Office 365 is a great solution for a non-profit to achieve their mission and vision without the burden of ICT." -Anton Suwoto, Chief Strategy Officer, YCAB Foundation


With over 14 years of service under their belt, the YCAB Foundation in Indonesia has since then committed their efforts to youth development. Through their 3 major programs, H­eLP (Healthy Lifestyle Promotion), HoLD (House of Learning and Development) and HOpE (Hands-on Operation for Entrepreneurship/Economic), the foundation was able to successfully reach out to over two million youth since its inception in 1999.


The Office 365 Experience

With over 100 members and 300 computers scattered in over 47 different sites, collaborating and coordinating among its members can be really difficult for the YCAB Foundation. But, with the help of Office 365’s SharePoint features though, YCAB Foundation’s Chief Strategy Officer, Anton Suwoto, eagerly shares that amidst their size, they were able to then work more effectively as a group.

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Through its SharePoint features, the foundation was able to develop a single repository of files and manuals that can be easily accessed by their members from any of their 47 different sites. Aside from that, Office 365’s SharePoint features also provided for them a venue where members can work simultaneously on a single document, wherever they may be.


Your I.T.’s Best Friend

The true strength of Office 365, Anton shares, is actually not found in its many features. Instead, what makes Office 365 a very powerful tool is that it has the ability to be a self-sustaining tool.

Being a cloud tool, running on Office 365 has helped Anton and the YCAB Foundation to drastically reduce their IT team's burden as they won't need to monitor it constantly - unlike onsite servers. In line with this, Anton eagerly shares that their IT team now has enough time on their hands to learn more about Office 365, or any other tools for the matter, that can further help their organization.

However, Anton clarifies that running on Office 365 won’t totally eliminate the need for an IT team. Instead, it will only help lessen their burden set upon them. Furthermore, any nonprofit running on Office 365 may still occasionally require the assistance of their IT team; it’s just that it won’t be needed as frequently when compared to running on an onsite server.


A Work in Progress

With the capacity of over 3 different servers and an entire Office suite, Anton admits that they are yet to fully utilize all of the features provided by even the basic E1 plan. For example, he shares that they are yet to venture into trying out the Skype for Business features included in the donation.

But, Anton shares that this is the beauty of Office 365. You can simply take it in piecemeal. In Office 365, Anton shares that you are not obliged or compelled to use everything all at once since that would just simply be too overwhelming for any nonprofit.

Instead, what Anton suggests is for nonprofits to take it a piece at a time, using the features which their nonprofit urgently needs for the time being. Afterwards, with the help of its reduced need for maintenance, Anton suggests for nonprofits to take that opportunity to allow their ICT team or other staff to study the many other features of Office 365 and to learn the many other ways it can help their respective nonprofits.


A Great Investment

Office 365 is a great investment, Anton shares. Beyond its self-sustaining and cost-effective nature, Office 365 also proves to be a flexible tool fit for nonprofits of various sizes. Most of all, Office 365 is a tool that provides growth and learning opportunities, not only for your organization, but be it for your own individual members as well.

In summarizing YCAB foundation's entire Office 365 experience, Anton shares "Office 365 is a great solution for a non-profit to acheive their mission and vision without the burden of ICT".

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To learn more about the YCAB Foundation, just feel free to drop by their website at


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