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New Payment Process for Requests:
We have shifted to a new payment process which accepts bank transfer or credit cards via Western Union and will no longer be accepting payments sent through to Connecting Up. For the updated instructions on how to process payments, kindly click here.

AsianNGO Premium Discount, Grants and e-Learning (1-Year)

Donor & Discount Partners:
14 SGD
SKU: LP-10000


AsianNGO provides access to grant, funding and networking opportunities across the region, full online courses tailored for nonprofit organizations and relevant updates about the larger nonprofit sector through an intuitive and highly customizable platform. 

This product provides qualified organizations with a voucher to unlock the full premium capabilities of the AsianNGO platform for the first 12 months at a discounted rate of USD 89 instead of USD 149.


Benefits for Organizations:

You may use AsianNGO’s premium features to:

  • Find and apply for funding opportunities that match your organization’s capabilities and mission
  • Improve the efficiency of your development initiatives through customized dashboards to track and manage grants and customizable alerts on grants and news
  • Upskill your staff through online modules tailored for nonprofit organizations and staff members
  • Find and connect with potential collaborators and partners
  • Discover and track key networking events across the region through your personalized calendar

You may learn more about AsianNGO’s premium features here


Retrieving the services:

Once the admin fee for this request has been made, kindly follow the necessary steps to accomplish and retrieve your voucher:

  1. Once admin fees are settled, kindly send the receipt or any relevant payment reference to
  2. Within the next 24-48 hours upon TechSoup Asia-Pacific’s confirmation that the payments have been received, kindly expect an email to arrive which will include your discount voucher and the instructions on creating an AsianNGO account
  3. Once using your voucher, you will be expected to pay the discounted annual rate of USD 89 directly to AsianNGO


Subscription Renewal:

This offer is only available to qualified organizations once. Renewal after the initial discounted year should be arranged directly with AsianNGO under the proper market price. You may learn more about AsianNGO’s subscription packages here. In addition, existing paid subscribers to AsianNGO will not be allowed to purchase or use this discount to renew their existing paid subscriptions.