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7 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Open Rates

Email marketing works because it allows you to reach customers (and potential customers) in the place they go every day—the inbox. But once you get to the inbox, how do you make sure your emails actually get opened? Follow the advice on this page to boost your email open rates!


1. Send at Peak Daytime Hours

Knowing your audience is the first step to getting more opens. While everyone might have an email address, each demograph- ic checks their inbox at different times throughout the day. Whenever you choose to send, make sure you’re consistent.

2. Segment Your Contact Lists

People are more likely to open and read something that’s relevant to them. Seg- menting your contacts into groups based on their location or interests allow you to tailor your emails for each group’s taste.

3. Personalize Your Subject Line

Your readers are bombarded with emails every day. Make yours stand out in the inbox by personalizing your subject line for each of your contacts! Try adding an emoji to make your subject line pop.

4. Make the Benefits Obvious

Why should people be opening your email in the first place? Putting the perceived bene- fits front and center is a surefire way for your email to get the attention it deserves.

5. Test Your Subject Line

Got a great idea for a subject line? A/B test your subject lines against one another with two segments of your audience so you know what kind of messaging gets your audi- ence’s attention.

6. Give Contacts a Second Chance to Open

There are a number of reasons your con- tacts may not be opening your email the first time around. Maybe they’re too busy to check their inbox that day and by the time they do, your email is already buried. Give your contacts a second chance to see and open your email by scheduling it to auto- matically resend to non-openers.

7. Remove Inactive Contacts

It’s a good idea to regularly clean your contact lists, and also make sure you’re collect- ing quality email addresses from the start to ensure you’re only sending to contacts who want to hear from you.


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