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4 Ways to Make Your Call-to- Action More Effective

A persuasive, compelling call to ac- tion (CTA) can convince even the most hesitant prospect to convert, but there’s more to it than just a tempting offer — you have to speak your customers’ language.

1. Use the “I want to...” principle.

When creating your CTAs, the “I want to...” principle makes them strongly actionable. Simply put, this principle involved writing CTAs that can be prefaced by the words “I want to...” such as “I want to...get my report”.

2. Keep CTAs short, punchy, and clear.

Some businesses favor longer CTAs be- cause they can offset risk aversion and make an offer more appealing due to re- duced perceived risk. However, for the best results, your CTA should be short and punchy, and make it abundantly clear what prospects are getting by clicking. 

3. A/B test everything.

Changes such as the position of your CTA button, its color, and even its shape can all affect click-through rates. However, just as you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, you shouldn’t make changes without a plan — and this is why A/B testing is so important.

4. Make CTA buttons mobile friendly.

People are increasingly accessing the web and interacting with email via their mobile devices. Many people have forgone using desktop clients to access the web altogether. As such, if visitors cannot interact with your website and emails easily from their mobile device, you’re going to lose them.

There are so many factors for successful and effective email and social media campaigns and if you're struggling to create one, you can use Constant Contacts, an online marketing platform that includes tools to customize emails, track engagement, and collect donations.

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Major Capabilities of Constant Contacts:

  • Unlimited emails: Send as many emails as your organization needs to your donors and constituents.
  • Email templates: Choose from hundreds of prebuilt templates from Constant Contact or create a branded template specific to your organization's work.
  • Engagement tracking: Use subject line A/B testing to create more effective email campaigns. Constant Contact's monthly reports track the success of your campaigns.
  • Automation: Automatically resend emails to members of your list who did not open them the first time. Email Plus comes with further automation tools to engage specific contacts.

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